The Single Best Book on Wing Chun Theory & Combat Application 2020


Getting this new year started off right, I chose to revisit a resource I have come to rely on as my unofficial “bible” for all things related to my own personal Wing Chun practice in the hopes that you may glean some of the massive benefits I have received as well in your own training.

I have said in other posts that the majority of the books I read and recommend to others in order to improve one’s ability in Wing Chun especially as it relates to how and why Wing Chun works for self defense and the street have nothing to do with Wing Chun.

A large part of that reason has to do with the fact that I have been consistently reading and re-reading one book on Wing Chun which covers all aspects of the system from both a conceptual and technical view and does so with such depth and attention to detail that the only way to ensure that you’re soaking up all the juice is to keep reading and re-reading it. It is the single best book on Wing Chun out there.

The book is Look Beyond the Pointing Finger: The Combat Philosophy of Wong Shun Leung and the author is Sifu David Peterson.

Wanna know how and WHY Wing Chun works?  Read this book. Over and over. Continue reading

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