A Straight-Shooting Collection of Tips, Tricks and Pointers For Making Every Area Of Your Wing Chun Training Functional, Practical and Effective


Being able to use your art comes down to one thing: proper training.  The truth of this is undeniable, and at the same time the irony of this statement is that “proper training” is the iceberg that 90% of the people who ever study the art get shipwrecked upon.

  • They may say all the right things,  like how Wing Chun is “simple,” “direct” and “efficient.”
  • They may quote you the whole “shortest distance between two points” thing.
  • they may believe in Wing Chun’s effectiveness as a combat system wholeheartedly.

Yep, they may say and do all of these things but if their training does not conform to the following standards, then I got news for you-it’s not “proper training.”

Proper training, in order for it to be effective, must address certain points.

  • For example, one must be made aware of legalities and be conditioned to react when necessary.
  • Techniques such as verbal diffusion of a particular threat, rationalization, and the concept of de-valuing yourself in the eyes of your attacker should be taught and implemented into scenario response training.
  • Remember, in a self-defense situation, Murphy’s Law will undoubtedly come into play, so the less mind-clutter you have going on the better off you will be, be it techniques or your mind racing through the “what-if?” file cabinet.  Proper training can help minimize this aspect as well, so that when faced with a situation, you will be able to respond in a simple, direct and efficient manner and thereby remove yourself from the threat as quickly and with as little effort as possible.

In the words of reality self-defense pioneer Tony Blauer, “If you’re facing one opponent and you doubt yourself, you’re outnumbered.”  Wise words, indeed.

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No worries, though- contained within the links for this Section is everything you need to start training smart and kicking ass ASAP.  Mentality, drills, self defense scenarios, technical attention to detail- it’s all for you.

Make use of them, do what they tell you to do and you’re on your way to making YOUR Wing Chun work!