TESTIMONIALS – The Only “Awards” That Really Matter

As much as I can go on as to how valuable and useful this approach to Wing Chun training is, as the saying goes the “proof is in the pudding.” There is no better reference to the effectiveness of a system than the testimonials of those who have trained with me or made use of my presentation of the information on this site. From housewives to students, doctors to law enforcement officers and from children to senior citizens, personal recommendations are the highest honor one can bestow upon me.

The testimonials below are just a few of the many folks I have had the privilege and honor of sharing my approach to the Wing Chun system with.  I am honored and humbled beyond words for their kind words, and I am more than confident that these testimonials serve to validate the information I put forth in my posts and on this site.

I have found that the techniques taught are easy to learn and can be mastered by any person regardless of size and/or physical ability. Robert is very knowledgeable on the topic and breaks down the techniques to a very basic level for complete understanding. I would HIGHLY recommend this site and course of study for anyone who wants to learn how to unlock the simple yet very effective self defense techniques and strategies found in the Wing Chun system. Thank you!

Melissa rearranging my nether-regions in a close-quarter self defense drill, bridging the gap from training to self-defense.


Melissa Wilder

3rd degree black belt, Combat Hand Integration (CHI) Systems   

2nd degree black belt, Shidokan (full contact) karate


Bob’s unique and pragmatic approach to Wing Chun training is an invaluable asset to both the experienced martial artist as well as the general public with little or no martial arts experience. There is an emphasis on practical reactions and self protection skills which can benefit people without much experience and which is often not taught in more traditional martial art schools. These skills do not involve complex multiple step sequences which are usually impossible to remember under the stress of a real attack. These skills are also more universal as opposed to more traditional training of multiple different responses for the same attack in different parts of the body.  

The traditional methods may work after multiple years of repetition and practice, but will probably not work for the average person. The skills taught here concentrate on developing the more universal gross motor skills found within the framework of Wing Chun which can be applied under stressful conditions. There is also discussion about awareness of surroundings and ways to prevent potential confrontations which is also frequently absent from most traditional training curriculum. I am both a traditional martial artist as well as a professional with very little free time and highly recommend this approach for everyone who wishes to really understand why Wing Chun works the way it is supposed to and how to make it work for you.

Bob Bartkowski is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and takes the time to correct each person. He teaches each class personally and takes the time to work with each person individually during the class. Bob’s Wing Chun classes are high energy sessions teaching simple and effective trapping, striking, and low-line kicking techniques in a reality based scenario. They take into account real-life situations and teach direct and efficient responses. Situational sparring and testing your techniques are emphasized so that you can evaluate and improve your training. He is right in there with us for every drill – bumps, bruises and all!

Robert’s philosophy is to share all knowledge with the students to improve their techniques, and he feels the only way to do so is to continually improve himself and his skills.  I would highly recommend this site and Bob’s approach to training to anyone.

Working on the stepping drill with Bob “Dr. Doom” June.

Robert June, MD – Emergency Room Physician

3rd degree black belt, Combat Hand Integration (CHI) Systems  

3rd degree black belt, Hapkido



Fantastic! You will be glad to know that this stuff (concept and theory) is EXACTLY what I was taught in the academy. The concept of jamming the attack and closing the space on someone throwing a haymaker was very familiar. The ready stance is also exactly the same, if our instructor caught us on the mat with our hands down, or in a fist, he would slap us one in the chest. We also spent a lot of time learning how to fall down, recover, keep our legs towards the attack and protect our heads… practicing falling down sucks, especially for big guys. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Man, was I sore!

-Kevin Keenan, Correctional Officer


The following are 2 testimonials from participants of a Women’s Self Protection Skills Workshop which uses Wing Chun theory, concept and basic techniques in reality-based scenario training:

On behalf of the Lovely and Noble Sisters of Gamma Phi Omega from Loyola University Chicago, I would like to say Thank- You to Bobby for teaching terrific, simple, useful, realistic, effective and very much needed self defense tactics to the college students. Bobby was fun, engaging and informative. He kept the crowd interested with his clever mixture of humor and sincerity. Everyone in the crowd had a chance to practice their new self defense techniques on the very well padded and protected “perpetrator” Bobby. He was very supportive, encouraging and tolerant of our “attacks.” Great Job Bobby, we learned a lot!


-Marlisa Quetell, 

Gamma Phi Omega Sorority, Loyola University Chicago


I am a 31 year old teacher, licensed realtor and mother. For the first five years of my career I worked in the Englewood area of Chicago. Our parking lot was in an alley, and I would come and go when it was dark. Needless to say safety was a concern of mine. To be honest, though, I have always been concerned about my safety regardless of where I was at. Being a petite woman I feel like I am a target for any lurking predator. I felt the need to learn how to defend myself, so I decided to attend Bob’s self defense class designed for women. Walking into the class I felt weak and helpless. However, as the class progressed, I became more empowered.

Bob did not fill our heads with misconceptions nor show us fancy, unrealistic flips that we would probably forget how to do in a time of panic. The message was to be practical, fierce, and mean! Bob taught us the idea is to GET AWAY in the event of an attack, not to restrain your attacker. Therefore, us women must do anything possible like claw with our nails, kick the shins, or, of course, go for the groin! Once you break free, just run away.

I highly recommend any woman, mother, sister, or friend attend one of Bob’s self-defense classes. 

-Mary Ellen Derman

Schoolteacher & Licensed Realtor


Hi Bob,

I want you to know that I like your approach to training a lot. It is simple and easy to understand. Being a law enforcement officer, Self-Defense is major part of my everyday job, being ready for any type of situation, physical or otherwise. The points you make about the non-aggressive stance are right on, you can react to any aggressor from this stance-it’s a stance I’m in on a daily basis being on calls. My wife also read your BOOK, she surely enjoyed it. For someone who has never had any self-defense instruction, she picked it up very quickly. It also changed her mindset on how much self-defense is a really important aspect of life, because you just never know!!!!

-Michael Lynch Jr., Police Officer


I have been a police officer for fifteen years and a student of Wing Chun under Bob for 3 years.  Let me just say that what is taught in Bob’s method of teaching Wing Chun really works! I have used quite a number of these techniques and concepts on the streets. These concepts have certainly helped me come home unharmed to my family at the end of the day. These concepts and techniques are the foundation for my own personal self defense. This stuff could help save your life one day!

-James Holt, Police Officer

  Green Sash, Wing Chun


Bob’s method of teaching and applying Wing Chun is simple in its’ technique base, practical in its’ application and the techniques are effective for people of all ages and are not dependent on size or strength. I can speak from a uniquely qualified vantage point, having been a soldier in the elite 82nd Airborne Division as well as suffering an injury in the line of duty which necessitated my medical retirement from the U.S. Army.

The soldier in me appreciates the no-B.S, get in and get-out nature of the way Bob teaches and trains Wing Chun, while having to deal with certain medical limitations makes me appreciate its’ non-focus on attributes such as size or physical strength to incapacitate an assailant. Always remember that every one of us have limitations; injuries, lack of size or strength, age, and so on but limitations are not limits. There are no limits – if you refuse to limit yourself.                            


SPC John Fagan, U.S. Army (Ret)

82nd Airborne Division

Graduate of United States Army Ranger School


The following is a very touching testimonial written by the mother of a young man with Down’s syndrome who took one of my private Wing Chun-based self defense sessions in order to gain basic self defense skills and improve cognitive motor function. It was an absolute pleasure to teach this young man and seeing him improve himself was more rewarding than can be put into words…


Dear Bob,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter.

I wish to thank you for teaching my son Russ in your Self Protection Skills class. My son has Down’s syndrome. He is 18 years old. This class was perfect for teaching Russ how to protect himself. Thank you for arranging a private class. Russ can process information easier if there is less noise and commotion. The class was for Russ only but I came along to learn so that I could help Russ practice all the moves at home.

Thank you for your easy to understand instructions. Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate each move and then let Russ repeat the move. You gave Russ time to repeat each step over and over. He learns best this way! You talked to Russ and made him pretend to be in a place of danger. You told him to imagine himself walking down the street, entering his home, shopping at the store, etc. You played the “attacker” and let Russ respond. Russ is a visual learner and this “play acting” helped him. You put special leg, arm, face and chest pads on and let Russ practice all the moves-right on you! This was so realistic and helped Russ understand. You gave him an easy to read list of self defense moves. Russ was able to read this list and use it to practice.

I recommend your class to anyone & any age. Parents of children with special needs should definitely consider your class. I am planning on having Russ take periodic refresher classes from you.

Thank you! You are an excellent Self-Defense Instructor.


-Janet Rickert (Russ’ mom)


No, Janet-THANK YOU.