Self Empowerment through Acquired Skills of Personal Protection


It is our mission to provide for all those who seek our services the ability to learn honest, practical, reliable and above all EFFECTIVE self protection skills and strategies through hands-on, interactive reality-based training.

We wish to impart to our students the ability to recognize and avoid potentially hostile situations, the ability to diffuse situations verbally and with body language and, as a last resort only the ability to physically remove themselves from a dangerous situation in the most simple, effective and practical way by targeting the vital areas of an attacker in an unrelenting yet precise manner.

Above all, we wish to give all those who train with us the greatest tool one can have: Confidence. If someone never has to use our system, we consider that a victory. However, if someone must utilize what we teach and gets home to his/her family that night, we cannot ask for anything more.





Attention to Detail


Why Include Self Defense Training In Your Daily Life?

That is a great question, and it has several answers.

  • First and foremost, as recent events in the news have shown, the need for the general public to learn skills such as these is beyond question.
  • Self defense training has been statistically proven to combat stress and enhance mental focus, two of the biggest factors that impair living an optimal life.
  • Engaging in self defense training improves one’s self confidence by proving that one can and will overcome obstacles presented in one’s personal and professional life.
  • Training in self defense skills cultivates a mindset of improvising, adapting and overcoming. These attributes will then manifest in all areas of one’s life.

Make no mistake, life is NOT a journey; it is a PROCESS.  Any process must involve skill development through proper training.  Self-protection skills training provides the very best training for life’s challenges by harnessing the power of bringing the mind, body and spirit together in a manner that instills confidence, empowerment and balance.


Instructor Bio

Instructor Robert Bartkowski (center) with members of Gamma Phi Omega Sorority after a 2-hour Women’s Self Defense Workshop held at Loyola Univeristy Chicago.

Instructor Robert Bartkowski has been involved in the martial arts since 1994. Robert holds an Instructor’s certificate in Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) kung fu from the prestigious Ng Family Chinese Martial Arts Association (NFCMAA) headquartered in Chicago’s Chinatown. Robert also holds a Full Instructor certificate in Ving Tsun through the Lee Academy Martial Arts Association, an Apprentice Instructor certificate in Intense Defense Systems Close-Quarter Combat, a Phase III Instructor rank in the Proactive Personal Security system of Self-Defense from Empower Training Systems, and a black belt/instructor ranking in taekwondo through the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), the single largest martial arts organization in the world.  Robert is also a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as well as a certified clinical massage therapist and certified Master Practitioner of Reiki energywork.

Aside from his involvement in the combative arts, Robert is first and foremost just a regular guy: he is a husband, brother, son and friend. His love and respect for friends, family and decent people everywhere prompted Robert to create the WALKING WEAPON Self Protection Skills System as well as the WHITE COLLAR WARRIOR Corporate and Executive Training Program.  Robert’s mission has become educating the general population as to effective, efficient and easily applied self-protection skills and trying his best to ensure that decent people everywhere never need to feel helpless again by proving to them that one does not need to study martial arts for years and years in order to learn how to protect oneself and one’s friends and family.

Robert is the author of BECOME A WALKING WEAPON! A Cheater’s Guide to Simple Skills, Practical Tactics and Other “Dirty Little Secrets” Of Self-Defense You Can Learn, Use and Apply TODAY available in both print an digital format (Kindle) from Amazon.

For further information on seminars, workshops or Instructor Certification Training Courses, you can contact Robert via the following media:


Phone: 708-254-1757.

He will be more than happy to assist you any way he can.


“We will not RISE to our expectations, we will FALL to our level of training…”