How Bad Do You Want To Make Your Wing Chun Work? Deliberate Practice & Wing Chun Fighting Skill

Positive thinking, meditation and affirmations are great but the only thing that will develop a good punch is your fist in a glove. Here I am working on applying the Wing Chun vertical punch in a combat-sports oriented way, with the INTENTION of improving.

“If you’re not willing to fight for it, you don’t deserve it.”


I’ve always loved that quote because of it’s built-in gauntlet thrown down to the reader.  It doesn’t have the “inspirational poster” qualities of a mountain peak, the grand canyon or a majestic falcon sweeping across an orange and purple sky at dusk.  Nope, it in effect calls out the reader with the reality of any accomplishment: for all the “power of positivity” jargon that basically keeps the self-help industry afloat (which I’m not knocking by the way) I think too little is put forth in that honest manner- that you need to be willing to fight for what you want. Continue reading

ALL SALES FINAL! Training Secrets to More Effective Chi Sau, Sparring and Self-Defense

Just a little reminder: there are no “fakes” or “feints” in Wing Chun.  Either you are “selling” your opponent on why your attack will hit him or he is “selling” you on why it won’t. We stay the course in Wing Chun-and that’s how we get shit done.

I was watching one one of my favorite movies the other night, Boiler Room.

Having zero to do with martial arts or fighting, it tells the story of a persuasive young entrepreneur named Seth who drops out of college and begins running a casino out of his house.  In an effort to please his father, a respected Circuit Court Judge with whom he has a strained relationship already, Seth shuts his casino down and begins working at an investment firm named J.T. Marlin.  After an uber-aggressive interview by Ben Affleck (doing his best Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross) and surrounded in a culture of pure excess and greed, he soon becomes a standout broker, closing sales and rapidly rising up the ranks.

The problem?  J.T. Marlin is a “chop shop” brokerage firm; a front designed to screw people out of their money by using hard-line and very aggressive sales while simultaneously probing for weaknesses and signs of hesitation.

As I watched this for the 982nd time I couldn’t help but be reminded of the similarities between this movie and our end goal of Wing Chun fighting skill both in chi sau and self defense.  In both cases, Continue reading

How to Instantly DOUBLE Your Wing Chun Training Today

Applying Wing Chun against a fully padded and non-cooperative opponent in a real-world scenario boils down to one thing: FUNCTIONALIZATION.

Anyone who has become proficient at a certain skill, be it playing a musical instrument, perfecting a tennis serve or swinging a baseball bat, knows that repetition is the mother of skill. That is undeniably true, however, there is a world of difference between practicing the skill and pulling it off in a pressure scenario.

Continue reading

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A WORD OF WARNING: I tend to speak and write how I think, so some of what I say may come across as insensitive, rough around the edges and maybe even a bit arrogant. If sarcasm, political incorrectness and occasional "naughty words" offend you, you may want to move on - but if you're serious about making your Wing Chun WORK, then fill out the fields above and let's get started!