SHIP-BURNING AND DRINK-STIRRING: “6 Principles of Combat” For Practical & Effective Wing Chun Training PART 6

Attacking my attacker with confidence and determination.  There’s just no other way to approach this stuff.

Now we come to the last of John Kary’s “6 Principles of Combat” and, like the 5 preceding this one, it is essential.  Actually, if any one of these 6 principles are absent, your self-defense plan is likely to crumble but what makes this one so important is that it has nothing to do with anything but what is between your two ears

Principle #6 : Be CONFIDENT and DETERMINED.

As the saying by Tony Blauer (that I quote at least once every other blog post) goes, “if you are facing one opponent and you doubt yourself, you’re outnumbered.”

If today’s streets can be compared to a concrete jungle, criminals are the predatory animals that stalk it.  If you show hesitation or fear, they will pounce; If you attack halfheartedly, it will only serve to anger them and raise their aggression towards you while simultaneously demoralizing yourself.  Make up your mind that if you must ATTACK, Continue reading

HIT ‘EM WITH THE MONEY SHOT! “6 Principles of Combat” For Practical and Effective Wing Chun Training PART 5

I’ve noticed that fingers raked across one’s eyes or a slap to the balls has a way of shifting one’s viewpoint rather quickly.

 Growing up I was a shark fanatic.  I would read every book I could find on sharks, I watched “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel religiously and I played my JAWS tape until it literally snapped snapped in the VCR .

As much as the scientific aspects of how sharks breathe or hunted by sensing the movement of distressed fish in the area was interesting, what balls-out fascinated me the most, to the point of being nearly obsessed, was anything dealing with stories of shark attacks and their survivors. Continue reading

MURPHY’S LAW IS A REAL BITCH: “6 Principles of Combat” For Practical and Effective Wing Chun Training PART 4

A good old-fashioned pot-shot to the balls…yep, it doesn’t get much more basic and simple than that.

Do you have a friend who always calls or drops by at the worst possible time, and cannot take the hint to hit the road even after you are blunt and quite frankly rude to them?

How about the “friend” who secretly is happy when you are miserable?

Know anyone like that?  Sure you do. We all do.

Think they’re bad? Meet Murphy’s Law. Simply put, Continue reading

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