TAKING CARE OF THE “TWINS” Best Groin Guards/Protectors for Wing Chun Training 2020

Training scenarios like these are why a solid groin cup or protector in your gear bag is a non-negotiable, since everyone knows that nothing gets the point across faster than a well-placed ball shot.

Proper Wing Chun training for self-defense involves contact (and lots of it) aimed at the most sensitive and pain-inducing areas on an opponent’s body: their eyes, throat and groin.  Every male on Earth knows which one is the worst to get hit, which is exactly why the first piece of equipment you put on before each and every training session should be a groin cup.  Choosing the best groin protector/guard, also known as a groin cup, is vital for proper and productive Wing Chun training in any capacity (be it for self-defense or for full-contact training for combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, muay thai or MMA) for 2 main reasons: Continue reading

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