Wing Chun Forms Training: 3 Shortcut Hacks to Tripling Their Effectiveness

It has been said that water and creativity go hand-in-hand.  Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, a prolific inventor who has been called “The Edison of Japan,” credits swimming with the source of his best ideas.

While in the shower the other day I had my own mini Dr. Yoshiro moment as it relates to Wing Chun, and forms training in particular.

The other night, after returning from work I hopped into the shower to get cleaned up.  I realized halfway through my shower that I always follow the same pattern: I shampoo my hair, then lather up and wash my face, neck and shoulders.  From there it’s the left arm, then the right arm and so on.  I’ll spare you the rest of the gory details but it did hit me under that stream of water for just how many years have I been doing this the same way without thinking about it at all.  At that moment, I made it a point to switch up my routine and it was as if I started a brand new activity.

As the water flowed  it then dawned on me how many times in my own personal Wing Chun training I have trained our forms without Continue reading

Siu Nim Tao: The KEY to Making Wing Chun Practical and Effective, Part 2

Performing the Siu Nim Tao set at one of many demonstrations/lion dances around the Chinese New Year. This form truly is the glue that binds Wing Chun together and a treasure chest of fighting skills.

Before I get chomping on the second installment of my Marxist manifesto on the importance of the Siu Nim Tao (SNT) or “small idea” form as a staple -no, the staple – of your Wing Chun training and making the skills of Wing Chun practical and its techniques effective ion real life usage, let me just address a comment made to me re: my blog in general, specifically, the tone of my posts.

Strong Feelings

I do use occasional profanity, and frequently draw analogies that sometimes poke fun at people I find rather irksome or annoying.  There is usually a heavy dose of sarcasm regarding ways of thinking or training I find ineffective, skewed or just plain stupid. Continue reading

Siu Nim Tao: The KEY to Making Wing Chun Practical and Effective, Part I

Drilling the “fook sau/tan sau” section of the Siu Nim Tau form. The secrets held in this form can only be unlocked by action; by regular and focused performing of the form.

Many of my posts thus far have dealt more with concepts and realities of self defense and personal protection; they have been quite broad and intentionally so.  It was necessary for me to approach things in this way to set the tone for my approach to and interpretation of training in Wing Chun.  That is all well and good, but now I want to shift gears a bit and begin to focus on the more specific technical aspects of the system as it relates to Continue reading

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