“FIGHTING CHANCE”: Best Fitness Equipment for Wing Chun Combat Readiness 2020

Martial arts and combat sports require a different level and type of fitness than can be developed in your local “big-box” treadmill factory gym.


A New Year is upon us!  Most folks will wake up starry-eyed, full of ironclad resolutions to improve “this” or “that” in the next 365 days, and are fired up, pumped and ready to kick ass and make 2020 their bitch…

Sadly, most will crash and burn by Valentine’s Day.

Now that’s not an indictment on anyone-God knows I’ve failed at more things than I can count.  One thing I have had to work diligently at, and have encountered more than my share of setbacks towards-is my functional fitness level.

By “functional fitness” I mean carrying myself in a state of readiness to be able to apply my Wing Chun should I ever need it.  I do not train for the beach; I train for the street.  The worst – and I do mean WORST – position to be in is to be a martial artist who knows techniques but cannot apply them.  That is worse than not knowing anything at all.

Wing Chun is based on functionality, practicality and simplicity.  Wing Chun works in a real fight and is an excellent system of self-defense due to the above mentioned attributes-this we know, but what you may not be aware of is that the very same attributes that make Wing Chun so effective for both self-defense situations and combat sports participation, when applied to your own personal fitness and exercise program or routine for health & functional combat fitness, can greatly increase your strength, endurance and flexibility.  Not all equipment is created equal, however.  Choosing the best equipment for functional fitness, both in a self-defense and combat sports (boxing, kickboxing, MMA, etc.) sense requires the idea of fitness and exercise be approached differently.

As both a Wing Chun instructor and certified personal trainer, Continue reading

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